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Although Powys County Council have now formed their new cabinet we don't know if or when they're going to decide whether to sign an agreement with Gaufron. But they could sign without notice and we would have just 12 weeks Planning notice in which to commission and present our formal opposition.

Many have volunteered considerable time and funds to Plan B over the past six months. But now we must have £40,000 in hand so that if Powys sign the agreement, we can immediately commission:

  • Specialist Legal Advice for a Judicial Review
  • Professional Retail Impact Assessment (Supermarkets provide their own RIAs to Planners!)
  • Planning Consultant for our advice on opposition
  • Topographical Survey
  • Contingency fund and printing.

Please help us to achieve this work by donating to our fund. Thank you.


"It's not just the food shops, we'll all suffer if a supermarket comes to town"

Emily, Hay Baby