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We're proud of what - with your help - we've managed to do so far. We've persuaded Powys County Council to think again before signing a potentially disastrous agreement with Gaufron Developments. We've drawn attention to Hay's unique character, not just in the local press but in the big national daily papers as well. We've joined the 'Hay Together' group to help to preserve our community for the longer term.

We've raised substantial funds which should be sufficient to mount a full campaign against the proposed development, including initiating a Judicial Review. We have given an undertaking to return unused donations and, over the past year, we have only used 10% of operating income, predominantly on print. A massive 'thank you' to everyone who's helped with this!

And we've realised that Hay's important for ALL of us. Third generation Hay-dweller or incomer, we all have one thing in common - we all care deeply for the town, the community and its future. Let's build on that feeling.


"Supermarket profits go to London; local shops' profits stay in the community"

Stuart, greengrocer