Plan B

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What's wrong with the deal?

It's a risky venture with no guarantees. If the developers don't get planning permission for even one part of their proposal, the whole scheme fails.

A new supermarket would kill local shops and businesses. Hay is a beautiful, unique place but if this deal goes through it could become a ghost town.

Gaufron Developments claim to have costed the new school 'down to the number of whiteboards' but they haven't consulted with the school.

Powys County Council has financial responsibility for providing adequate education, not Gaufron Developments. Gaufron are using the promise of a new school to impose an un-wanted supermarket on the town, cynically exploiting our children's educational needs.


"I don't trust developers to act in the best interests of Hay"

Geraldine, Chris Gibbons Butcher